Bias cut fabric contours to your face for a beautiful fit.

Soft, adjustable nylon straps.

The Victory Mask ‘Kaleido-scape’ 'The Axle' 'The Dreamer'

Let's Get Masks to Austin's Homeless

COVID-19 and the economic crisis have created even greater challenges for Austin's Homeless.  Resources are harder to come by and ways to subsist are dwindling. It's expected to get worse with tens of thousands more Locals losing their jobs.  Austin's most vulnerable population needs our help to stay protected.

Help us raise $35,000 for material and labor costs to get 5,000 masks to Austin's Homeless.

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Embracing Change and Doing It In Style

As the 2020 pandemic unfolds, I have been compelled to fight in the war against COVID-19.  My team and I have worked behind the scenes to help the homeless, front line workers, and others.

We also launched Take Heart Masks - a line of premium face masks. Our mission is to help people embrace change by doing it with style.

What’s unique about Take Heart Masks?  more...